AutoEdge. We help domain experts translate their expertise into actionable data science.

Let us take the hassle out of data gathering and analysis so you can focus on making better business decisions.

Turn your data into an opportunity

We'll guide you through the entire process of turning data into a business advantage

Dataset generation

Generate datasets from limited data samples or by collecting and aggregating data from a variety of sources.

ML automation

You no longer need a data scientist to use advanced machine learning models because we've simplified the process.

Explainable AI

AutoEdge makes it easy for domain experts to rely on machine learning, improving decision making and confidence in key business decisions.

  • iconDesign a reliable dataset quickly
  • iconGenerate perfectly labeled data
  • iconOur synthetic data can reduce bias in datasets

Perfectly labeled synthetic data

Reliable data is key to developing production-ready algorithms.

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  • iconDeploy your AutoKeras models effortlessly
  • iconTrain and deploy time-series anomaly detection pipelines
  • iconTrack the lifecycle of your models

Automate your machine learning work

Train and deploy your new model to the cloud or on-prem

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  • iconUnderstand the rationale behind ML in plain English
  • iconCreate reports for non-computer scientists
  • iconCreate easy-to-understand actionable items

ML model explainability

Let your team understand the insights behind each forecast

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AutoEdge can simplify ML

AutoEdge provides a straightforward, easy-to-use solution for organizations looking to solve problems that matter, from raw data to actionable insights. We help organizations accelerate their time-to-insight with a complete, end-to-end data science platform that lets them use the full power of AI to find insights faster than ever before.

Synthetic data supplements the training data available for AI model development with simulated data

We help you use AutoKeras and TODS to solve your company's unique challenges

AutoEdge can help you deploy the full solution on the cloud or on-prem

Our XAI tools can help your team quickly understand the ML model outputs to quickly fix problems before they become crisis

AutoEdge's central control will help you keep track of your AB tests and the different trained and deployed models

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